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Juan Rejano [1903–1976] Writer, journalist and poet associated with the Generation of 1927. Francisco Arias Solis has…
Segundo Serrano Poncela [1912–1976] Political activist, writer, literary critic and essayist.
1976 Rafael Alberti
Wins the Struga Prize.
1976 Francisco Ayala
Retires and settles in Madrid. Publishes regularly in El País.
1976 Jorge Guillén
Awarded the Cervantes Prize for Literature.
1976 Jorge Guillén
Return to Spain. Settles in Malaga.
1976 Lorenzo Varela
Due to the military uprising in Argentina, he has to go into exile again. After a short stay in…
1976 Maruxa Vilalta
Nada como el piso 16 wins the Premio Juan Ruiz de Alarcón a la mejor obra del año and the…
1976 José Antonio Rial
Publishes La destrucción de Hispanoamérica, essays on the impact of imperialism on Latin…
1976 María José de Chopitea
Co-founder of the Premià publishing house in Mexico, with Fernando Tola de Habich, José Miguel…
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