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Eduardo Blanco Amor [1897–1979]
Arturo Serrano Plaja [1909–1979]
Luís Seoane [1910–1979] Galician artist (illustrator, lithographer and muralist), poet, dramatist and publisher exiled in…
1979 Luís Seoane
Dies in Galicia.
1979 José Rubia Barcia
His translation, in collaboration with Clayton Eshleman, of César Vallejo’s poetry, The…
1979 Pere Calders
Wins the Lletra d'Or prize for L'invasió subtil i altres contes, his first new work of fiction…
1979 Antonio [Antonio Ruiz Soler]
His farewell tour ended in Sapporo (Japan)
1979 Pau Casals
Following his wishes, his remains were taken to El Vendrell after the restoration of democracy
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