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Rosa Chacel [1898–1994]
Pere Calders [1912–1994] Catalan writer of short stories and novellas of fantasy and science fiction. Exiled in Mexico, he…
Manuel Andújar [1913–1994] Spanish writer exiled in Mexico. His work remained unpublished in Spain until 1986.
1994 Maruxa Vilalta
Named Creadora Artística del Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte.
1994 Luís Seoane
The Día de las Letras Gallegas is dedicated to Seoane and the Fundación Luis Seoane is created…
1994 José Rubia Barcia
His activities as a Hispanist earn him the Mexican government's José Vasconcelos award.
1994 Pere Calders
Dies in Barcelona. A monument is erected to him in Llançà, where the family used to spend its…
1994 Rafael Alberti
The Rafael Alberti Foundation is established.
1994 Agustín Gómez Arcos
Finalist for the Premio Nacional de Literatura Dramática with Los gatos.
7 Dec 1994 Agustín Gómez Arcos
Premiere of Queridos míos, directed by Carme Portaceli, at the María Guerrero. It runs until…
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