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The Varieties of Exile Experience: German, Polish and Spanish Writers
Journeys of remembrance : memories of the Second World War in French and German literature, 1960-1980
1932 Julio Alejandro
Enrols at the Universidad Central to study Philosophy and Letters. Taught by José Ortega y…
Jun 1940–1945 Mercè Rodoreda
After the invasion of Paris by the German Army, she moves to Limoges.
1921–1929 Manuel Andújar
Studies at the Colegio Alemán in Málaga, where he learns German.
1937 Pablo Picasso
Paints Guernica, in protest at the German aerial bombardment of the Basque town.
1942–1943 Jorge Semprún
After German invasion of France, joins the Communist resistance group Francs-Tireurs et Partisans.
1959 Rafael Alberti
Most of his poetry translated into German. Much of his theatrical, poetic and prose writing…
1925–1928 José Gaos
Teaches German language at the Official Language School.
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