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Epitalamio del prieto Trinidad Ramón J. Sender
Fantastic novel about an island where a prison is located. The novel is a reflection on human…
Cernuda, Lorca, Prieto : dos poetas y un pintor
“Cernuda, Prieto, Chaves :una cadena de solidaridad en el exilio”
Contratiempos de espacio:Epitalamio del Prieto Trinidadde Ramón J. Sender
1934–1936 Julio Alejandro
Back in the navy, he serves as right-hand man to José Giral (Minister of the Navy) and then…
Apr 1939 José Moreno Villa
Marries Consuelo Prieto
Jan 1939–Aug 1943 Luis Cernuda
Lector at the University of Glasgow. Gives lectures in other UK universities. Short stays in…
1915–1918 Rosa Chacel
Studies painting at the School of Fine Arts in San Fernando, where she meets important artists…
6 May 1939 Emilio Prados
Sets off towards Mexico invited by president Cárdenas on board of the ship Veendam. Other…
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