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(Juan de Lara) Alvaro Fernández Suárez [1906–1990] Spanish writer and economist.
José Gaos [1900–1969]
José Bergamín [1895–1983]
José Ramón Arana [1905–1973] Exiled first in France, where he was interned in a concentration camp, then in Mexico, where he…
José Rubia Barcia [1914–1997] Scholar, university lecturer, literary critic, translator, writer, political activist and…
José Antonio Rial [1911–2009] Dramatist, novelist and journalist exiled in Venezuela after several years of imprisonment during…
José Martín Elizondo [1922–2009] Basque writer and playwright who goes into exile in France during the 1940s. Founding member of…
José García Lora [1920—]
María José de Chopitea [1915—] Writer, translator and publisher exiled in Mexico.
José María Camps [1916–1975]
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