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Vida bilingüe de un refugiado español en Francia Rafael Alberti
The poems of this book express Alberti's frame of mind after losing the war and becoming a…
Entre el clavel y la espada Rafael Alberti
The book consists of eight sections covering various themes, including eroticism, nostalgia and…
Pleamar Rafael Alberti
Reflections on the role of the poet. As in Marinero en tierra, many of the poems in this…
A la pintura (Poema del color y de la línea) Rafael Alberti
Poems on the paintings of artists admired by Alberti.
Coplas de Juan Panadero Rafael Alberti
Popular poems drawing on Argentinian folklore. Its major themes are injustice and the happiness…
Buenos Aires en tinta china Rafael Alberti
Collection of poems about the city of Buenos Aires.
Retornos de lo vivo lejano Rafael Alberti
Memories of Alberti's past, including his childhood. All the poems are tinged with nostalgia.
Ora Marítima Rafael Alberti
Homage to Cádiz on the anniversary of its foundation. In later life, Alberti named his house in…
Baladas y canciones del Paraná Rafael Alberti
Collection of poems concerned with memory and rootlessness, including celebrations of the…
Poemas escénicos Rafael Alberti
Poems on the essence of drama, written for the stage. More playful and ludic than some of his…
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