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Abierto a todas horas Rafael Alberti
Although its themes vary, there is a common concern in the poems of this book with ageing. The…
Roma, peligro para caminantes Rafael Alberti
Poetic reflection on everyday life in Rome with particular attention to small details of the…
Los ocho nombres de [Rafael] Picasso y no digo más que lo que no digo Rafael Alberti
Homage to Pablo Picasso.
Canciones del Alto Valle del Aniene Rafael Alberti
Perceptions and memories of the village of Anticoli, in Italy, where Alberti spent his summers.
Sonríe China Rafael Alberti
Book of poetry and prose written by Alberti and María Teresa León after a trip to China, in…
Poesías completas Rafael Alberti
This collection brings together previously published and unpublished works, including 'Poemas de…
Nube Temporal Manuel Altolaguirre
Most of the poems in this collection are about war, with the exception of a few love poems. There…
Las islas invitadas Manuel Altolaguirre
Colletion of pre- and post-war poems. Its themes vary from war and despair to love and memory.
Fin de un amor Manuel Altolaguirre
Love poems dedicated to Altolaguirre's second wife, María Luisa Mena.
Poemas en América Manuel Altolaguirre
The last collection of poems to be published during Altolaguirre's lifetime.
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