Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

De un momento a otro (Poesía e historia)

Author: Rafael Alberti
Publisher: Ediciones Europa-América
Place: Madrid
Publication Date: 1937
Genre: Poetry
Composition Date: 1932-7
Editions: Madrid: Alianza, 2002.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: Civil war
Social commitment
A collection of poems which shares a title and some of its themes with one of Alberti's early plays. It is divided into four sections: in the first, 'La familia', the poet looks at his experience of growing up in a bourgeois, religious family; in the second he affirms his social and political commitment; in the third, '13 bandas y 48 estrellas', he expresses his solidarity with Latin American countries 'oppressed' by the USA; whilst the fourth, ­'Capital de la gloria', is a celebratory affirmation of the revolutionary cause in Spain during the civil war.