Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

De un momento a otro (drama de una familia española)

Author: Rafael Alberti
Publisher: S. Aguirre
Place: Madrid
Publication Date: 1938
Genre: Play
Editions: Buenos Aires: Bajel, 1942.
Teatro II. Buenos Aires: Losada, 1964.
Barcelona: Seix Barral, 1978.
Other Publication Details: The 1942 edition includes Cantata de los héroes y la fraternidad de los pueblos, in addition to four poems from his collection De un momento a otro and Vida bilingue de un refugiado español en Francia.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: civil war
teatro de urgencia
This play shares a title and some of its themes with a collection of Alberti's poems, written between 1934 and 1939. Set in 'una pequeña ciudad del sur, antes del 18 de julio de 1936, fecha en que termina el drama' [a small Southern city, before the 18th of July 1936, the date on which the drama concludes] (Alberti, Teatro II p. 83). A political and didactic drama about a young, middle-class man who takes up the socialist and Republican revolutionary cause, to the dismay and incomprehension of his conservative, Nationalist family. Realist with epic overtones. Alberti's last work for the Republican 'teatro de urgencia'. Never performed.