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Proceso a Don Juan

Author: Alvaro Arauz
Publisher: Colección Teatro Español
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1957
Genre: Play
Quotations: From French version: 'Defenseur: .. Don Juan n'aura pour juges que des hommes! Procureur: Non des hommes, mais la loi. (Avec une certaine mauvaise foi). Laquelle est femme... puisqu'on la représente toujours sous cette forme charmante.' (tab. 1). [Defending counsel:... Don Juan will only have men to judge him! Prosecutor: Not men, but the law. (with a certain bad faith). Which is a woman... since it is is always represented in this charming form.]
Other Publication Details: The first edition also includes Una tarde del 1588. The French version of the play is translated by André Camp.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: Don Juan
Journal: L'Avant-Scène
Volume, Number: 175 (1958)
Pages: 39-41
Very short one-act play in three tableaux. Tirso's Don Juan in modern juridical context; partiality, hypocrisy and exclusivity of the law and of those in power. Exclusion of women from legal process for fear of scandal; consequent inadequacy of testimony.