Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Obras en un acto (vols 1 and 2)

Author: Max Aub
Publisher: UNAM
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1960
Genre: Play
Editions: In Teatro Completo. Mexico: Aguilar, 1968.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: Drama
European politics
one-act plays
Aub is almost exceptional in contemporary Spanish theatre for his dedication to the one-act play. He wrote about 20 of these after 1940, most of them thematically linked to the 4 European dramas ('Morir por cerrar los ojos'; 'San Juan'; 'El rapto de Europa'; 'No'). The author divides up these short plays thematically as 'Los transterrados', 'Teatro de España de Franco', 'Teatro policíaco', 'Teatrillo y Diversiones'.