Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Siete gritos en el mar

Author: Alejandro Casona
Publisher: Aguilar
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1953
Genre: Play
Composition Date: 1952
Quotations: Casona: 'me parece lo más ambicioso y hondo que he intentado nunca' (in a letter to Juan R. Castellano, quoted by Ruiz Ramón, Historia del Teatro Español Siglo XX, 237).
Editions: Obras Completas II, 1953.
Teatro II, 1957.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: comedy
Subtitled an 'impossible comedy'. The passengers of a transatlantic liner learn from the Captain that they are to be targeted by enemy submarines, and that this will be their last night alive. The play explores the reactions of seven characters suddenly forced to face their own imminent death.