Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Soliloquio del tiempo

Author: Maruxa Vilalta
Publisher: Finisterre
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1964
Genre: Play
Editions: Bogotá: Espiral, 1971.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: monologue
one-act play
Journal: Art Teatral (Valencia)
Volume, Number: 2 (1988)
Time is talking to itself. It feels omnipotent, though conditioned by the events of human history. It criticises the pettiness and meanness of humanity, but admits that at times it would also like to be human. Time is conscious of its power over humanity, but knows that it is also implicated in human affairs. It would like to stop, and it declares its own death: "Callarán sus fábricas y dejarán de rugir sus estúpidas ciudades". But it is immediately set in motion once again.