Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Esta noche juntos, amándonos tanto

Author: Maruxa Vilalta
Publisher: Organismo de Promoción Internacional de Cultura
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1970
Genre: Play
Editions: In Teatro mexicano de 1970. Mexico: Aguilar, 1973. Ed. and notes A. Magaña-Esquivel.
In Teatro de la Vanguardia. Massachusetts: D.C. Heath and Co., 1975. Ed., prologue and notes Myrna Casas.
Other Publication Details: The 1970 edition has a prologue by Miguel Alvarez Acosta.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: Civil war
Two characters decide to destroy each other. Occupying a nightmare world and cut off from other people by a "ventana aislante" and a "puerta aislante", they expose themselves to images and accounts of terrible events in history, including the Spanish civil war and the Second World War.