Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Pequeña historia de horror (y de amor desenfrenado)

Author: Maruxa Vilalta
Publisher: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1986
Language: Spanish
Keywords: comedy
Parody of the detective genre, set in the present day. Jonathan, a pianist, arrives at an old house in London hoping to make love to Mildred, who used to undress for him in front of the window. Mildred reminds him of his wife, Margaret, for whom he played Chopin's Heroica and with whom he spent a night of passion before she abandoned him. Mildred makes love to the butler and to Tía Emily (a falsely paraplegic man in a wheelchair dressed as a woman). They both believe themselves to be Mildred's heirs and hope to kill her. Mildred herself has poisoned her husband for having sweaty palms. But it is Jonathan, who killed Margaret on their wedding night and has just escaped from a lunatic asylum, who kills Mildred, Tía Emily and the butler, in farcical mode. He leaves as he arrives, saying "Tengo hambre" as he departs.