Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Con vista a la bahía

Author: Maruxa Vilalta
Publisher: FCE
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 2007
Genre: Play
Language: Spanish
Vilalta's most recent play to date. Brian is a writer whose flat looks on to a miserable, dark street, though he pretends to have a wonderful view of the city's 'bahía de luces'. John wants Brian to join him in a consortium that carries out illegal business deals. Alicia, a teacher of literature, thinks she can also see the bay of light spread out beneath Brian's window. She asks him to write her a love poem, but instead he writes a poem that tells her to go to hell. They sleep together in any case. Bob, John's boss, offers Brian some shady deals that would allow him to live in a penthouse with a real view of the city, but he chooses to stay where he is, with his imagined view. But the consortium falsifies his signature and the play ends with an unresolved fight.