Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Los santos

Author: Pedro Salinas
Publisher: Cuadernos Americanos XIII. 3 (May-June)
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1954
Genre: Play
Composition Date: May-Dec 1946
Other Publication Details: The only one of Salinas' plays not to be included in the 1957 edition of Teatro Completo, ed. Juan Marichal (Madrid: Aguilar, 1957), for reasons of censorship. The play is included in Pedro Salinas Teatro Completo, ed. Pilar Moraleda GarcĂ­a (Sevilla: Alfar, 1992).
Language: Spanish
First published in Spain: 1992
Keywords: Civil war
one-act play
Journal: Estreno (Cincinatti)
Volume, Number: VII.2 (1981)
Set in a Spanish town during the civil war. 'The play depicts the catalytic force of the santos de palo (statues of saints) and their progressive animation to the point of stepping in to replace five condemned prisoners. The prisoners inspire this miracle through an act of generosity toward a sixth person they encounter in their midst in the basement of a church in a town in New Castille. The stories of the five ill-fated sufferers underscore the ironically tragic play between self and circumstance that has brought them to death's door. Salinas weaves Christian symbolism together with Cervantine threads of illusion and reality, tolerance, transformation, and salvation' (Polansky, The Poet as Hero, 261).