Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Una mujer, dos hombres y un balazo

Author: Maruxa Vilalta
Publisher: FCE
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1989
Editions: In Teatro II.
Also included in Antología de obras de teatro.
Other Publication Details: Prologue by Carlos Solórzano.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: one-act plays
Contains four playful and satirical one-act plays. The first play, 'En Las Lomas, esa noche', is a melodramatic parody that critiques the political system and the ambition for power. The second play, 'El té de los señores Mercier', is an absurdist piece exploring themes of isolation and escape. The third play, 'El barco ebrio', takes place in a dreamy and surrealist setting, exploring the incestuous love between two marine algae, and between a pair of lovers who have been sitting on a bench at the beach for 100 years. The fourth play,'Archie and Bonnie', is a parody of the musical comedy that critiques American materialism and ingenuousness.