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Otelo o el pañuelo encantado

Author: León Felipe
Publisher: Amigos de León Felipe
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1960
Genre: tragedy
Editions: Mexico: Finisterre, 1974
Other Publication Details: The 1960 edition includes a prologue by Adolfo Ballano Bueno.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: Shakespeare
Journal: Revista de Guatemala
Volume, Number: III. 3 (1951)
'Paraphrase' of Shakespeare's Othello. Juan J. Zaro reports a first version, read to his friends in 1952, and a second 'shorter and much more stage-oriented' version published in 1960 (2005: 97). This version is divided into a prologue and nine scenes which abbreviate the action of Othello. In León Felipe's play the clown in the conductor of the story and fulfils a 'didactic, sometimes anticipating role' (98).