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No es cordero... que es cordera

Author: León Felipe
Publisher: Finisterre
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1974
Genre: comedy
Editions: Madrid: Primer Acto 26 (Jul-Aug 1961)
Language: Spanish
First published in Spain: 1961
Keywords: Shakespeare
Journal: Cuadernos Americanos
Volume, Number: 33 (1953)
'Paraphrase' of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Performed in Mexico City in March 1953 with sponsorship from the Patronato del Teatro Universitario. According to Juan J. Zaro, 'it is the most successful of León Felipe's paraphrases. Emphasizing joyous theatricality and again infused with Spanish elements [...] It is defined by León Felipe as a cuento milesio... that is, one of a lost collection of short Greek stories of love and adventure of generally licentious character, written by Aristides of Miletus in the second century BC' (2005: 105).