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Macbeth o el asesino del sueño

Author: León Felipe
Publisher: Librería Madero
Place: Mexico
Publication Date: 1954
Genre: tragedy
Editions: Madrid: Júcar (La Vela Latina, 53), 1983
Mexico: Finisterre, 1974
Language: Spanish
First published in Spain: 1983
Keywords: Shakespeare
'Paraphrase' of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Performed in the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City in 1955, directed by Celestino Gorostiza. The prologue 'begins by asserting Macbeth's universal spirit: like the clown in Otelo..., the writer, or poet, is also in the play, but this time he is Macbeth himself, a character created by Shakespeare to speak through him [...] For León Felipe, Macbeth is both dark and bright angel' (Zaro 2005: 103).