Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Epigramas americanos

Author: Enrique Díez Canedo
Publisher: FCE
Place: Mexico D. F.
Publication Date: 1945
Genre: Poetry
Quotations: Te vas. Tierra de México te ampara. No lloramos. No llora el hombre fuerte. No es llanto. Mansa lluvia el cielo vierte y a nosotros nos corre por la cara.
Language: Spanish
Keywords: America
New series of the book. Short poems. It includes two parts. The first one expresses his admiration to the continent of America and even, of some countries of Asia. The second part -named 'Tres epigramas de refugiado'- is a reflection on the presence of exiles in Mexico. It contains poems in which exile is presented in a range of ways, from the most abtract to those describing the present situation.