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Filosofía y Poesía

Author: María Zambrano
Publisher: Aguilar
Place: Madrid
Publication Date: 1971
Genre: Essay
Editions: Alcalá de Henares: Universidad, 1993
Mexico D. F: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1996
Madrid: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2006
Language: Spanish
First published in Spain: 1971
Keywords: Philosophy
Essay on the dialectical relationship between poetry and philosophy since the time of the Greek philosophers, and on their common interest in observing the world around them. 'For [Zambrano], philosophy can be summarised as an activity that involves a sense of estrangement from immediate reality. She predicates that this detachment from direct reality gives rise to a quest for 'otherness'. She maintains that this 'otherness', or alterity, ... is not a given reality but one which requires of the philosopher a methodical and rigorous search. In contrast, Zambrano depicts poetry as a something found without any searching: like a clearing in the wood it is an "encuentro, don, hallazgo por gracia"' (Nimmo 896). Zambrano's idea of poetic reason emerges as the book's key concept.


The Poet and the Thinker: Maria Zambrano and Feminist Criticism
Clare E. Nimmo, The Modern Language Review 92.4 (Oct 1997): 893-902
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