Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Libro de los homenajes

Author: Juan Rejano
Publisher: UNAM
Place: Mexico D. F.
Publication Date: 1961
Genre: Poetry
Language: Spanish
This book expresses the poet's gratitude, admiration or friendship that he feels towards certain people to whom the poems are dedicated. Among them are writers (Emilio Prados, Pedro Garfias, Max Aub, Carlos Pellicer, Pablo Neruda, Nicolás Guillén, Juan Marinello), artists (Pablo Picasso, José Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera), victims of Franco's repression (Federico García Lorca, Julián Grimau, Miguel Hernández, Simón Sánchez Montero) and Mexicans who helped Spanish exiles (Lázaro Cárdenas, Alfonso Reyes).